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Below are helpful resources and links for parents to aid in early childhood education efforts.

Mississippi Department of Education
Three Year Old Guidelines
Four Year Old Guidelines
Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

National Association for the Education of Young Children
Why This Toy?
Children need plenty of opportunities to play with a variety of good toys and materials. Learn about the value of good toys and what to think about before selecting a toy for your child.

Why Do Babies Like Boxes Best?
Why is Ella playing with the wrapping paper and box instead of the present? The answer lies in her development.

10 Things Every Parent Should Know about Play
Oftentimes, children’s play is more than what meets the eye. Read this article for ten great facts about your child and play.

Help Your Child Build Fine Motor Skills
Many of your child’s daily activities can increase muscle strength and coordination and help prepare her for more advanced skills.

10 Tips to Support Children’s Science Learning
Enjoy discussing the questions your child asks. Encourage her to share her perspective and observations

10 Ways Babies Learn When We Sing To Them!
When you sing to your baby she learns listening skills, new words, and so much more. Here are 10 ways babies learn when we sing to them.

Math Talk with Infants and Toddlers
Children develop math concepts and skills very early in life. How we talk with infants and toddlers about math ideas like more, empty, and full—matters

Support Math with Materials in Your Home
Six fun and simple activities to support your child’s math readiness.

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Want to be an active participant in your child’s parent-teacher conferences? Here are some useful ideas to help you stay focused on what’s best for your child.

12 Ways to Support Language Development for Infants and Toddlers
When you talk to your child, you support her language development. Think of what you are saying from your infant or toddler’s point of view.

13 Things Babies Learn When We Read with Them
We all know that it’s good to read to our babies. But what exactly are they learning? Here are just some of the things your baby can learn as you read together.

Share Your Passions With Your Child
Sharing your passions with your child can be a wonderful way to explore a special interest together. When you care about cooking, tennis, hiking, creating videos, or any other subject, your child picks up on that interest.

Read and Eat
Cooking offers a wonderful way to bring what we learn from books into our daily life. While cooking we build relationships, engage the senses and develop literacy skills

13 Tips for Starting Preschool
Is your child entering a preschool program for the first time? Use these tips to help you and your child make a smooth transition.

Healthy, Fit Families
Children need to move their bodies and eat healthy foods. At home, use these quick suggestions to eat well and exercise and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle.

Listen, Talk, Answer — Support Your Child’s Learning
Your child comes home every day with stories to tell and questions to ask. Here are some tips for sharing meaningful conversations to support his learning

Transitioning to Kindergarten
Starting school can be scary and exciting. Here are some ideas to help prepare both you and your child for kindergarten

Saying Goodbye to Preschool and Hello to Kindergarten
Here are some tips to guide your child through the move from preschool to kindergarten

Understanding and Responding to Children Who Bite
Why do young children bite? Ideas and strategies for responding appropriately to this behavior.

Toddlers and Reading: Describe but Don’t Drill
Flash cards emphasize memorization but complex language is what’s important.

Great Books to Read to Infants and Toddlers
Many families are familiar with classic books like Goodnight Moon and read them over and over with their very youngest children. Here are some more recent titles and reissues you and your baby will both love.

Eight Tips for Creating Homemade Books
A powerful way to interest young children in reading books is to make books about their routines, life events and vacations.

Start a Home Library
Ideas to find inexpensive books and surround children with a variety of books to encourage a love of reading.

Five New Resources at the Library
When is the last time you talked to a children’s librarian? If it’s been a while, this is a great time to strike up a conversation. You’ll be surprised at the innovative activities, programs, and services children’s librarians offer young children and families.

Books that Stretch Children’s Thinking
Young children learn to think in new ways when they imagine, guess, describe, and wonder. Engage your child’s curiosity with these books.

12 Ways to Support Language Development for Infants and Toddlers
When you talk to your child, you support her language development. Think of what you are saying from your infant or toddler’s point of view

Everyday Steps to Reading and Writing
How can you encourage your child to love reading, writing, and language so much that he begs for a bedtime story or a trip to the library?

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